What do we do?

A Transformational Travel is to embrace adventure and open the eyes of the soul to life. It requires you to leave the comfort zone, transcend the boundaries of everyday life and escape from the limitations of your own culture in order to achieve a mental state of connection and immersion with another culture.

It goes beyond visiting Nicaragua and seeing the structure of cities. It is integrating lifestyle, local tradition and tasting the authentic dances and meals. It is to know in depth the history that hides our behaviors and achieve greater understanding of the current situation and problems. It is to know the deep roots that shape our way of life, our people and culture.

A Colibri Transformational Travel is to put you into contact with local people. You are guided and accompanied by Nicaraguans giving you an experience that will inspire personal and global transformation.

Important notes:

We can design your own package, contact us.

We are a Spanish School. To include Spanish classes in your schedule will be a pleasure.

For a deepest cultural immersion we recommend you to do home-stay.

The minimum for these programs are 5 people.